Help your customers save cash – Staged funding enables your customer to finance their down payment, so they don’t have to come up with cash and you don’t have to cover the cost of materials, even for custom projects4.

Provide flexibility – With the ability to offer financing for projects that are not attached to a home, like patios and gazebos, or choose the brand of materials you and the customer prefer, the possibilities are endless.

Give your customers the best value – Whenever possible, applicants are approved for additional credit. This gives you the opportunity to help applicants take advantage of high-end upgrades that can enhance their lifestyle and increase the value of their home.

With Finance by Cambria, you can bundle virtually everything together for your kitchen, bath, or other remodel project. Just start with beautiful Cambria natural stone surfaces, then add other interior remodel products and services offered by your Cambria dealer. With convenient payment plans to match any budget, Finance by Cambria makes it easy and affordable to start your dream project today.